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AquaStretch Chicago

AquaStretch is a myofascial release and assisted stretch technique that helps restore flexibility lost from a sedentary lifestyle, surgery or injury, even if the injury/surgery occurred months or years ago.

AquaStretch with Anne Pringle Burnell, Chicago IL
From the founder of Peyow Aqua Pilates, Anne Pringle Burnell introduces AquaStretch to Chicago. AquaStretch is a myofascial technique that helps restore flexibility lost from a sedentary lifestyle…


AquaStretch is an assisted stretch and myofacial release technique. AquaStretch sessions are experienced one-on-one in the pool.

In the comfort of water, clients will experience:

  • A series of head-to-toe stretches
  • Assisted stretch with their Facilitator.
  • Use of water’s support to freely move into stretch positions that cannot be duplicated on land.

AquaStretch by appointment only
Galter Life Center / Swedish Covenant Hospital


AquaStretch Effects on Serious Recreational Athletes with Lower Extremity Injury

Investigate the effects of AquaStretch, an aquatic manual therapy technique, on the restoration of lost ROM in serious recreational athletes with lower extremity injury.