Peyow FunKtional Barre

Posted on Oct 4, 2017

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Price: $119

  • Digital Manual: 85 page manual with over 40 exercises
  • Streaming Videos: (50:07 minutes).
  • 2 Poolside Charts: Free
  • Quiz: ATRI and AEA CECs (4)
  • Those enrolled in Dallas ATRI can use their one-time code for a discount on this course!
  • – 50 Minute Streaming Videos, over 40 exercises
  • – Instructor Manual 85 pages, 500 pictures 2 Poolside Charts
  • – Quiz for AEA/ATRI accredited CECs
  • – 75% passing score receives Certificate of Completion
The lessons of this online course, including videos and downloadable resources are available after registration. These resources will continue to be available for review even after the course is completed, pending the availability of the site.


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